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Q: How long has Goofy Faces been in business?
A: We've been in business since October of 2000. However we aren't new to the caricature business. Our artists have a combined total of over 30 years experience.

Q: How do your prices compare with independent artists?
A: You won't find a better price for the quality of our caricatures. Each caricature is created by hand and then colored and rendered digitally to ensure the richest colors and line quality. Plus we have the best prices for paper, mattes and frames allowing us to pass this saving onto you.

Q: How can I be sure it's safe to order online?
A: Rest assured all credit card orders are done over a secure server. That means that no one else can get to your sensitive data. It's safer than calling your order in, but feel free to do so if it makes you more comfortable.

Q: Do you take any other forms of payment?
A: We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. You can also send us a company or certified check.

Q: How long does it take to get my finished caricature?
A: That depends on the package you choose. If you order a eSketches™ like our Manhattan Portrait or the San Francisco Special, you can get your caricature in as little as 48 business hours from the time we receive your order! Packages like our Ann Arbor Artwork and Hollywood Treatment take between 12 to 20 business days to arrive.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my caricature?
A: We do everything we can to make every customer happy with their caricature. If for any reason you are not happy with your caricature, please contact us to see what we can do to make it right. Also, contact us right away if you have found any damage to the art, frame or matting.

Q: What if I want more than one person in my caricature?
A: We offer up to 4 people in one caricature for any of our standard packages. If you desire more than 4 people, you can order a custom package. Contact us for more details on custom orders.

Q: What if I want to order multiple copies of a caricature?
A: You can do that. In fact, you'll save money. Once the art is created, you can buy as many copies of it as you'd like.

Q: What about the artist's copyrights and ownership?
A: We maintain limited rights on all caricatures we create. That means we only require that you get our permission if you plan on reselling your art in some way or plan on using it for commercial purposes. You may reproduce your caricature yourself as many times as you like for your own personal use. Different charges apply for commercial use. We also reserve the right to republish your caricature for advertising, promotional or marketing purposes free of charge.

Q: What if something happens to my caricature after I get it?
A: You're in luck. All caricatures are archived for a 5 year period. Just contact us and request a new order. You will not be billed for the art...only the reprint.

Q: What kind of photos should I send?
A: The bigger the faces are, the better. A good photo can separate a good caricature from a great one. We request at least 2 photos of different angles so that we may see how the face looks under different circumstances. Include a full body shot, too. Sometimes a person's character is visible in their body or the way they stand. If you are scanning them into your computer, scan them at 200% of their size and at 72dpi (dots per inch). You can save them as a hi-res JPEG which will keep the file size small for e-mailing.

Q: What if I can't e-mail them to you?
A: You can send them in the mail. However, it takes longer than e-mailing your photos and we do not guarantee their return. Send them to the address listed on the Contact page.

Q: Can you ship to addresses outside the United States?
A: Yes we can. Contact us with a destination and we will contact you with the shipping cost.

Q: What are entertainment caricatures?
A: Entertainment caricatures are those we draw on-sight as entertainment for your guests or customers .

Q: What kind of events are good for caricature entertainment?
A: Well it's a long list. We have been hired as caricature entertainment for such events as company grand openings, trade shows, holiday parties and picnics. We have also entertained at wedding receptions, engagement parties and bachelorette parties. A huge favorite is birthday parties for children. Our caricatures are popular with any age group at just about any function you can dream up.

Q: How many caricatures can the artist draw at my event?
A: Our caricature artists average between 10 to 15 faces in black and white per hour. Our artists offer faces-only or face and body. They can draw one or two faces at a time per drawing. Bags are included for each caricature.

Q: Where are your artists available?
A: We have artists available in almost every major market in the U.S. as well as Ontario, Canada. Fill out our online artist request form to find out if we have soneone available for you.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We charge an hourly rate based on what kind of event you are planning and where you are located. Contact us for a quote.

Q: Are color caricatures available?
A: Yes they are! Color caricatures are the same price per hour as black & white, but our artists usually draw about half as many.