About the Artist

Hello, my name is Renee and I am a deaf artist, living in Washington DC. I am a freelancer. I can draw a variety of cartoons but my strengths are in creating cartoon manga and Japanese style anime. I enjoy using traditional art and digital art, colors-color pencils, markers, digital colors, and mixed media. I accept and acknowledge all requests for illustration and I am willing to draw any picture as you want. I am happy to comply with the CDC's recommended safety standards of remaining 6 feet away from guests and to wear a face-covering during your event. Renee

Traditional Caricature Speed

  • 15  B&W faces/HR
  • 15  B&W faces & bodies/HR
  • 15  Color faces/HR
  • 15  Color faces & bodies/HR

Traditional Hourly Rate: $95 /HR

December Hourly Rate: $95 /HR

Minimum Booking Hours required

  •  2  hours

Major Markets Served

Washington DC

Minimum Booking Hours required: 1HR/s

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