Heather Joy

About the Artist

Heather Joy has drawn caricatures for major corporations, tv networks, social media, trade shows, wedding receptions, birthday parties, theme parks, festivals, and everything in between. She has drawn professionally since 1990 in Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Galveston, and San Antonio. Bachelors of Art education in painting technique, fine arts, animation, and art history at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1993-1995. Private lessons with local artists in Fort Worth from the ages of 5-18 years, and summer art classes at the Fort Worth Zoo, Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Awarded 2nd Fastest Caricaturist in the World 2018 by the International Society of Caricature Artists

Traditional Caricature Speed

  • Up to 30  B&W faces/HR
  • Up to 20  B&W faces & bodies/HR
  • Up to 20  Color faces/HR
  • Up to 15  Color faces & bodies/HR

Traditional Hourly Rate: $175 /HR

December Hourly Rate: $225 /HR

eSketches™ Speed

  • Up to 15  Color faces/HR
  • Up to 12  Color faces & bodies/HR

eSketches™ Hourly Rate: $250 /HR

December Hourly Rate: $250 /HR

COVID-19 Vaccinated:  UNANSWERED

Face Painting Speed

  • 24  quarter faces or cheek art per hour
  • 15  full faces per hour

Face Painting Rate: $150 /HR

December Hourly Rate: $150 /HR

Minimum Booking Hours required

  •  2  hours

Major Markets Served


Member of ISCA