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So you're thinking about hiring a caricature artist for your upcoming party. Great idea! A caricature artist gives you one of the best values for your entertainment dollar. Not only are they fun for your guests to watch, but guests can go home with a souvenir from your event. They'll remember your function every time they see the caricature on their den or office wall.

What can you do to ensure you get the most from your event and your caricaturist? Set aside enough space for your caricaturist to set up an easel, two chairs, lights and supplies. And make sure you have enough space for guests to watch the drawing take shape. Some artists will bring their own chairs, but be prepared to supply comfortable seating just in case, for both the artist and the guest being drawn.

If your event is indoors, you'll need electrical outlets for the artists lights. For an outdoor event, make sure that the artist is comfortable – a spot in the shade or under a tent is perfect. Always have a rain plan. Water and caricature paper do not mix.

Although most caricature artists are friendly and talkative, they need space around them so they can draw quickly, free from accidental bumps. Children especially often like to lean right over the artist. While artists appreciate the attention,

please inform your smaller guests to give the artist a little room.

At the Event
Many of your guests will want to wait in line for a caricature. Artists are quick, and can average 10 to 15 faces per hour, but the line can still get long. We suggest having someone other than the artist monitor the line to either limit how many people can be in line, offer chairs to those waiting, set up a sign-in sheet or hand out numbers

Your artist will draw one or two guests at a time. It is too hard to fit more than two faces on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Single faces allow the artist to include a setting and a small body as well.

Artist Etiquette
Most caricature artists will happily accept gratuities, though they will never ask for tips. If you prefer that the artist not accept gratuities, just mention it before they begin drawing. Some hosts prefer to give the artist a gratuity on their own at the end of the event.

Once the end of the contracted time is reached, you may ask the artist to stay longer, at half-hour intervals, unless the artist has another event following yours. It usually costs the same rate as in the original contract.

There are a few things you should NOT expect from most professional caricature artists.

The artist is there to draw your guests; not their pets or other no-shows. Do not ask them to draw from photos. And please don't reproduce your caricature on your business card or your web site. Commercial use of caricatures can be arranged, and will be priced accordingly.

People of all ages enjoy having their caricature drawn. Keep in mind, however, that infants and toddlers can be very tough customers. Parents and grandparents love caricatures of their little ones, but if the child cannot sit still for more than a minute, it is very difficult for the artist to capture their likeness. Instead, consider ordering a Manhattan Portrait via our web site – you upload one or more photos, which we then use to draw your caricature.

What About Breaks?
Each caricature artist earns a five-minute break per hour worked. They may choose to break every hour or take one or two longer breaks later on instead. If you have hired more than one artist for your event, they can stagger their breaks so that someone is always drawing your guests.

Above all, remember that caricatures are supposed to be fun! Your guests will love the special memento of your event, and you will know that you've provided some of the best entertainment around. What a great idea!